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2005 Cars

While automobile buffs anxiously await the car manufacturer's release of new models for each upcoming year, the rest of us are simply searching for a good deal on a new car. Many makers of 2005 cars had an idea that seemed to go over extremely well in the marketplace. Big names like GM, Ford, and others decided to offer their employee discount to regular buyers.

The idea caught on, and went so well that many auto makers decided to extend the offer even further. This deal made the sale of 2005 cars rise significantly. Of course, technology was also a highlight for a lot of new cars that arrived in 2005. GPS, or global positioning systems, seemed to be more and more common in cars. Many of the GPS systems were standard in the luxury cars, while for other models they were optional. The overall sale of GPS systems has risen, whether they are pre-installed in the cars or purchased separately, they have become an important accessory.

2005 Lamborghini 2005 Porsche Boxter S 2005 BMW M3

Since the price of gasoline has risen to staggering amounts, many 2005 cars are using hybrid technology to help curb the problem. Honda for example, has many different makes and models that run on both gasoline and power, giving them excellent gas mileage and making them much safer for the environment. In fact, the sale of these hybrid cars is growing quite rapidly because of the increase in gas prices. The vehicles are priced slightly higher than their traditional counterparts, but the money saved on gas is definitely worth it. Another important landmark for 2005 cars is the fact that it's the first time Ford has ever issued an all-new Mustang. The new Mustang has been a huge seller, and Ford revamped the car's look, performance, and style. There has been a lot of excitement in the automobile world for 2005, which is a clear indication that change is on the way for the years to come.

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