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2005 Food Pyramid

Over the past several decades, the US government has designed a food pyramid to serve as a guide for our needs within the basic food groups. Traditionally, grains, pastas, and breads were supposed to be the forerunners in all of our diets. Fortunately, the government has finally recognized that everyone is different, and therefore our food needs are different as well.

The 2005 food pyramid has been established to give people a more individual and customized guide to what their nutritional needs should be. Many factors are taken into account before giving someone their particular pyramid. Things such as weight, height, age, and gender are some of the criteria that are considered for the 2005 food pyramid.

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Of course, the 2005 food pyramid still focuses on healthy eating. The government has advised that whole grains, fruits, proteins, and vegetables should still remain part of your daily diet. However, the amount of each of these categories (otherwise known as the number of servings per day) will vary depending upon a person's specific needs. The United States Department of Agriculture has developed a special website where people may log on and enter in their information to get a specified food pyramid that will fit their requirements. There are also tips, advice, and resources to help educate people about their intake needs. Sample menus and diet ideas are also provided.

The 2005 food pyramid recognizes the importance of nutrition education, and the concept that each human being has very different nutritional needs. While most of us know what we should be eating on a daily basis, the new food pyramid may be able to help us get a better, more clear idea of our dietary needs. It is important to remember that this information is not all-inclusive, and your results and reactions will vary. If you have any questions about the new food pyramid, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor for more information or advice on healthy eating.

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