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2005 Kentucky Derby

In the late 1800's Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby was first founded. Horse racing there had become so popular, that it had already been taken place the last 100 years before the official derby was originated. The people in Kentucky were so fond of horseracing, that eventually a track was built, and it became a yearly tradition.

The first actual televised Kentucky Derby was aired in 1952. Since then, the track has seen countless additions and renovations, and the fan base has grown substantially. The 2005 Kentucky Derby marks the 131st race. The winner in 2005 was Giacomo, with jockey Mike Smith. Both horse and rider pulled up from the 18th spot all the way up to the finish line, surprising fans. For the 2005 Kentucky Derby, the prize was a huge $2 million guaranteed.

The 2005 Kentucky Derby also had some important statistics that should be added to the history books as well. It was the second highest attendance seen at the race in history, and had the highest wagering record. It attracted a total betting amount of $100 million, making it the biggest wagering amount in the history of the race. Statistics showed that attendance of the game rose almost 12 percent from the year before in 2004. The big race was broadcast on the NBC network, and had the fourth highest rating since 1992. With such a rich tradition, and a real air of excitement, it was no wonder that the 2005 Kentucky Derby did so well in the ratings, as well as posted a high betting amount. The tension was high, but the winning horse, jockey and trainer were surprised, happy, and relieved at the end. Who knows what the Kentucky Derby in 2006 will hold, but odds are the people of America will be watching. You can bet on it.

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