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2005 Movies

As with any year, the assortment of movies for 2005 is one full of action, comedy, and romance.

There was movie Bewitched, starring Nicole Kidman and the always hilarious Will Ferrell. The Dukes of Hazzard, was also made into a movie, starring Burt Reynolds, Willie Nelson, and Jessica Simpson.

Hot movies in 2005 - The Dukes of Hazzard

But perhaps the biggest of all of the 2005 Movies has been Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise.

New Releases - War of the Worlds - Tom Cruise

Of course, who can forget the final chapter in the Star Wars series, which came out earlier this year. It was one of the largest grossing films of all time and closed the book on the Star Wars stories.

Star Wars Episode 3

One of the 2005 movies that got surprisingly great reviews was Batman Begins, starring Christian Bale and Katie Holmes. This was the first chapter in the Batman series, but came out last, and got amazing reviews for its dark, serious overtones.

Batman Begins - Hit movies for 2005

Documentaries have also been a very popular choice for the 2005 movies roster. The children's documentary March of the Penguins follows a penguin family throughout the Antarctic. Morgan Freeman is the narrator for the film. Another smaller yet interesting documentary this year was Murderball, which was about paraplegic basketball players. He now stars in The 40 Year Old Virgin, which is expected to be a box office hit comedy.

40 Year Old Virgin - 2005 hit comedy movie

There are countless other movies released in 2005 that have been successful, and a wide array of action, comedy, and romance abounds. Other hit movies for 2005 include House of Wax starring paris hilton, chad michael murray and more.

House of Wax - Paris Hilton, Chad Michael Murray

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