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2005 NFL Draft

The NFL draft is always an extremely exciting time for football and sports fans all over the country. The 2005 NFL draft was no less exciting, with some great picks for many of the teams in the league.

History was made in this year's draft. It has been 40 years since three running backs were chosen for the top five. Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown, and Carnell Williams were the running backs picked this year. Two of the running backs, Brown and Williams, were from the same school, making it only the fourth time that two running backs from the same school were chosen within the first round of the same year. In addition, California was the state of choice for quarterback picks. Three members of the Auburn Tigers were chosen in the 2005 NFL draft as well.

The first pick of the 2005 NFL draft was Utah's Alex Smith, who was taken by the 49ers. Brayton Edwards of Michigan was chosen 3rd overall in the draft, and will be joining the Cleveland Browns. The number two pick this year was the aforementioned running back Ronnie Brown, who will now be a member of the Miami team. This year's draft was just as engaging as previous years, with a lot of new players joining the NFL family. There were seven rounds of picks overall. Some members of the Minnesota draft party were disappointed that Mike Williams was not chosen for their team, but instead went to the Detroit Lions. The choice for Alex Smith was a smart one, as the six foot four player had a terrific record of 32 touchdowns as a junior at Utah. He joins many other legendary picks as being the first in the draft, including top player Michael Vick. The 2005 NFL draft was an exciting event, and promises another great year for the upcoming football season.

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