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2005 World Series of Poker

The game of poker has become more than just an online casino gambling game. Since its popularity has become so huge, it is now considered a sport by many people, and is even featured on networks such as ESPN. Because of this popularity, many different organized games are popping up, including the world series of poker.

Harrah's, one of the world's largest casino chains, sponsored the 2005 world series of poker. The event begins with some circuit championship games, where the stakes are not quite as high as the final games, but they're high nonetheless. Eventually, the remaining players attend games at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the game takes on a more serious tone. The 2005 world series of poker took place from June 2 till July 15th.

In addition to the 2005 world series of poker, there will be a tournament of champions. This is an invitation-only event set up by Harrah's to determine the world's best poker player. Those invited will be a combination of the top 20 point earners from the circuit games, and the final table of those left at the world series of poker games. The 2005 world series of poker champion was Joseph Hachem, who took home a whopping $7,500,000! Hachem currently lives in Australia and has four children. He says he used to be a chiropractor, but now he is a full time poker player. Obviously, his dedication paid off when he won the final game.

And year upon year, the number of entrants are getting higher and the jackpots reaching the stratosphere. Many of the major online casino sites such as InterPoker.com offer extremely generous prizes for players to try their luck in the hope of winning a prized seat at the WSOP 2006 tournament. Players qualify by playing poker online in various satellite tournaments or other online casino games. For more information about the various gaming collections, visit UNLV.

The world series of poker has become such a popular event, that even credit card companies are offering a special card with the logo embossed on it. There is even a world series of poker store where you can buy poker chip set, card shufflers, game tabletops, and much more. Since the tournament is such a success, it looks like there will be a world series of poker for many years to come. Who knows what will be in the cards, but everyone will be watching to find out.

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