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2006 Academy Awards

The 2006 Academy Awards successfully defined the year. Each year the Academy Awards provides the reflection of the times that Hollywood is famous for showing us. With the selection of the host and the type of movies selected, we get a sense of where America is. In this fast changing world there is a need for glamour, dreams, and reflections.

The 2006 Academy Awards started by selecting Jon Stuart to be the host. Jon Stuart is the host of the Daily Show with Jon Stuart which provides a smart audience with satirical comedy about current events. With the war in full bloom, the controversy over White House decisions, and a President with dropping approval ratings, there wasn’t a more relevant host for the 2006 Academy Awards.

The 2006 Academy Awards for best picture and film editing went to the movie Crash. This movie is about racism, corruption, and choices. It provides a reflection that is both ugly and beautiful and shows us that thought the country has come a long way, there is still a long way to go. It showed us the individual struggle to remain a good person. This is what our country is currently struggling for.

The fact that one of my favorite movies did not win the 2006 Academy Awards for Best Picture or Best Actor is actually a good sign in my opinion. I thought Brokeback Mountain was a great movie. I thought the acting was superb and the story line was great. However, I think that our society is so comfortable with gay and lesbian relationships that it isn’t shocking anymore. Maybe if it had been more shocking, there would have been more hype for the movie. Yet, with all of the shows that, not only contain gay characters or hosts, but actually center on them; there is nothing out of the ordinary there.

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