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2006 Camaro

If you heard the rumor of a 2006 Camaro, you will be happy to hear that it isn’t just a rumor. Many individuals were disappointed when they found out that GM was producing its last Camaro. However, the purchases of new Camaros had dropped so dramatically that it simply wasn’t worth the cost to make them any more. In 2002, the last Camaro was created which marked the end of the of much loved model.

Yes, GM has decided to bring back the popular car after redesigning the 2006 Camaro concept. This comes at a time when competitors like Ford are also bringing back popular classic models like the Mustang. These may be classic models but they are revamped with a more modern flare. The 2006 Camaro concept car may be capitalizing on this new trend but it will also have to compete with other revamped favorites.

The 2006 Camaro concept car has a 400 horse power V8 engine. However, GM is supposed to also create a V6 to lower insurance costs for their buyers. The wheels are on the 2006 Camaro concept car are pretty big but the actual Camaro will have smaller wheels. The car looks much like you would expect just a little updated. However, it does resemble the older model Camaro a little more than the new Ford Mustang, in my opinion.

The look of the 2006 Camaro concept car closely resembles the 1969 version. The hood contains the classic raised portion. The design of the front end is very strong and the overall shape of the car is very reminiscent of the muscle cars of yesterday. This is a great way to bring back the Camaro from its hibernation. One good sign for the 2006 Camaro Concept car was the title “best in show” given to them by AutoWeek.

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