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2006 Corvette

If you are going to get a 2006 Corvette there are three different options you have. One is the 2006 Corvette convertible. The next one is the 2006 Corvette Coupe. However, the most impressive is perhaps the 2006 Corvette Z06. To most people it doesn’t matter which type of Corvette they get just as long as it is a Corvette.

Both the coupe and convertible 2006 Corvette models have a 400 horsepower engine V-8 engine. The 2006 Corvette Z06 has a 505 horsepower engine. However, you will be paying about $20,000 extra for the added horsepower. Yet, some individuals think the bragging rights alone are worth the extra costs.

As with any make and model, the 2006 Corvette has its positive and negative aspects. The positive aspects include performance and handling. These are important aspects to many individuals. However, younger individuals may be more impressed with the layout of the instrumentation and the visual aesthetic of the 2006 Corvette. 

Speed shouldn’t be a consideration when the maximum speed limit is lower than the performance level of modern day vehicles. Still, many people enjoy the knowledge of being able to reach speeds of around 180 miles per hour. 

As far as fuel economy, 26 miles to the gallon isn’t bad. With the price of gas continuing to rise, it is important to find a car that will not guzzle your gas. The 2006 Corvette has worked this out by offering great gas mileage. This is sometimes rare with high performance sports cars.

The positive aspects out shadow the negative aspects which are relatively minor for the 2006 Corvette. The difficulty of getting in and out of the vehicle is usually considered part and parcel of owning a high performance sports car. Also, the loud idling noise is a great way to attract attention to your new car, although it is considered an annoyance to some. The most important negative aspect is the poor traction on slick roads and the poor visibility associated with the car.

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