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2006 Dunk Contest

The 2006 dunk contest has got to be one of the most memorable dunk contests since it was developed in 1976 by the ABA. The American Basketball Association disappeared from the scene a year later when they were forced to merge with the NBA. However, the NBA recognized the benefits and popularity of the dunk contest and brought it back quickly.

The 2006 dunk contest was very shocking because the winner was Nate Robinson. Nate Robinson is the second shortest player to win the dunk contest, Spud Webb being the very shortest. The irony is that Nate Robinson won the 2006 dunk contest shooting over a standing Spud Webb. Nate Robinson, who is from the New York Knicks, is only five foot nine inches tall.

Another interesting moment occurred during the 2006 dunk contest and could have altered the final outcome of the entire 2006 dunk contest. During the judging of Andre Iguodala, one of the judges held up a ten before quickly changing the score to an eight. If the judge had not changed his score the winner of the dunk contest would have been Andre beating Nate by just one point. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2006 dunk contest was the dunk off between Nate Robinson and Andre Igoudala. This was the first dunk contest that has ever had to go into overtime. This, together with the excitement of Nate Robinson’s win, has renewed interest in the dunk contest which goes up and down in popularity at times.

The 2006 dunk contest was held in Houston, Texas. The contest was exciting not only because of the close finish, but also because people connected with Nate and wanted him to win. They were routing for him and it was exciting to everyone when he won the contest.

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