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2006 Honda Civic

If you are looking for a good overall vehicle, the 2006 Honda Civic is one of the best. Safety, economy, and reliability are great reasons to purchase a 2006 Honda Civic. Not, only does the Honda Civic get better gas mileage than many other vehicles, but it also has a hybrid model and along with the coupe, sedan and SI models.

The 2006 Honda Civic also comes with the option to have a GPS navigation system. This system is great for people who travel. Short for Global Positioning System, this device uses satellites to help you navigate to your location.

The fuel economy of the 2006 Honda Civic is not limited to just the hybrid models. All of the 2006 Honda Civics are known to get great gas mileage. On the highway this can be anywhere between 32 to 40 miles a galloon. Now, that is going to be more money in your pocket rather than your gas tank.

Safety organizations are realizing the importance of side air bags. In the future these air bags may be a required safety feature. With a 2006 Honda Civic you don’t need to wait for a change in legislation to be safe. There are 6 different air bags that come standard with ever 2006 Honda Civic.

The drawbacks with the 2006 Honda Civic are relatively minor. These negative aspects are mainly just associated with the hybrid models. You see, the hybrid 2006 Honda Civic models do not have the ability to fold down their back seat. Also, a 2006 Honda Civic hybrid does not have any manual style transmissions. Sacrificing a little room and sticking with an automatic transmission is a small price to pay for safety, reliability, and great gas mileage. However, the choice is up to you. If you want a car specifically for the bragging rights this car is probably not flashy enough, but it is a great car in a number of important areas.

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