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2006 Hurricane Predictions

When it comes to protecting your family and your property from a hurricane, you have to pay attention to what is going on. Hurricane warnings are your best way to prepare for a hurricane and can dramatically improve your chances of survival. Likewise, you can prepare for the upcoming hurricane season by researching the 2006 hurricane predictions.

In general, the 2006 hurricane predictions call for a very active hurricane season. However, experts do not expect to see as many hurricanes reach landfall. So, most of the action will be concentrated over the ocean rather than the states. They do predict that at least one of the major hurricanes will bombard the American coast line.

When a storm is strong enough to be classified as a tropical storm, it is given a name. This name helps everyone from insurance agents, media, and government agencies with their duties involved with the storm. The 2006 hurricane predictions is calling for around 17 different storms large enough to be named. The average amount of storms that reach this level from year to year is around 9 and a half.

The 2006 hurricane predictions for hurricanes that reach the land are around nine. This is more than the usual average of around five or six. Experts also include five major hurricanes in their 2006 hurricane predictions. These hurricanes will have winds of over 110 miles per hour. A year usually has only 2 or 3 of these types of hurricanes.

The 2006 hurricane predictions are not the only predictions that are interesting. Researchers suggest that we may be in a larger cycle of increased intensity of hurricane seasons. This is why the 2006 hurricane predictions are much higher than average years. Next years predictions should be even more than the ones for the 2006 hurricane season.

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