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2006 Kentucky Derby

The 2006 Kentucky Derby held is Louisville, KY is an annual event is which persons from around the country gather at the track to watch 3-year-old thoroughbred horses compete. In addition to watching the horses, the annual Derby also hosts a variety of activities that begin approximately three weeks before the actual competition. During this time, Derby fans congregate in Louisville to enjoy the parades, marathons, fireworks, and other festive events which draws a crowd of nearly 155,000 persons each year. The Kentucky Derby originated in 1875. Since its beginning, the race has continued as a timeless annual tradition in Louisville.

The 2006 Kentucky Derby was held during the first week of May. During this competition, twenty horses and jockeys raced for the win. Overall, the Kentucky Derby race is quick. With the horses traveling at a short distant, most will cross the finish line within three minutes. However, despite the briefness of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, this event is a highly anticipated social gathering, in which both males and females use this as the opportunity to showcase traditional derby attire. Besides watching the horses race for sport, many people use this as the opportunity to place bets on strong contenders.

Although twenty horses and jockeys compete in the competition, there can only be one winner. The 2006 Kentucky Derby winner was the horse Barbaro, led by jockey Edgar Prado. Second place winner was Bluegrass Cat, led by jockey Ramon Dominquez. Lastly, the third place contender at the 2006 Kentucky Derby was Steppenwolfer, led by Robby Albarado. The racehorse Barbaro completed the track in 2:01 minutes. The Kentucky Derby race has been coined by many as the "most exciting two minutes in sports." This year, the Derby was attended by over 157,000 fans, which is one of the largest attendances in Derby history.

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