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2006 MP3

The 2006 MP3 market is much larger than just last year. With the choice of MP3 players continuing to rise and the cost continuing to lower, it is now wonder that MP3 downloads are so popular. You can now store tons of your favorite 2006 MP3 songs on one tiny little machine. It can literally go anywhere with you.

So, what songs are going to make the top 2006 MP3 downloads? Well, we won’t really know the answer until 2006 is over. However, there are some songs that are likely to be included on this list. Some of these songs have been popular throughout most of the year, while others have been recently gaining strength.

My prediction for one of the top 2006 MP3 downloads is Shakira and Wyclef Jean’s “Hips Don’t Lie.” This fun ensemble of a Latin beat and a catchy tune is a great high energy song. Shakira’s style is very prominent and still very new to us in the United States. That is what makes a top 2006 MP3.

The music industry is full of young beautiful women who can sing. However, there is a shortage of women who are bold, unafraid, and ready to lash out at the expectations that American’s think they are entitled to. Pink is one of the latter who has lashed out in her song, “Stupid Girls.” In doing so her 2006 MP3 becomes an anthem for young women who don’t look like Brittany Spears.

If you like something a little more rock and roll, don’t worry. I predict that a lot of people will also be downloading the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Dani California.” Although each song the Pepper’s perform has their signature sound, they still manage to be unique and fresh. This song will be one of the top 2006 MP3 downloads.

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