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2006 NBA Mock Draft

Basketball fans and persons who carefully follow college basketball players are likely familiar with the 2006 NBA mock draft. Each year, commentators and sportscasters highlight their top picks for the NBA draft. Although the prediction or forecast of potentially draft players is an estimated guess, many people place bets on possible picks.

To be considered a likely candidate for the 2006 NBA mock drafts, players must perform their position exceptionally well on the court. Of course, because of the large number of college basketball players, the odds of a huge pool becoming professional players are slim. Nonetheless, many outstanding players have a realistic chance of being included on the mock draft list.

Accessing a copy of a 2006 NBA mock draft list is easy. These possible picks are readily available on sports websites. Furthermore, broadcasters from sports networks are constantly expressing their opinion on likely picks. Even though the players on each list will slightly vary, the top five players with the best odds of being drafted into the NBA will be included on all mock draft lists.

Top picks on the 2006 NBA mock draft include Andrea Bargnani of Italy. At 7'0 and 225 lbs, Bargnani has a strong chance of joining the Chicago Bulls or the Toronto Raptures as a power forward. Also included on the mock draft is LaMarcus Aldridge, a center guard who plays college basketball with Texas. Many mock drafts place this player with the Chicago Bulls. Number three on numerous mock draft lists is Adam Morrison, a small forward who has a good shot of being picked up by the Charlotte Bobcats. Other top picks for the 2006 NBA draft include Marcus Williams who plays point guard with Connecticut. Also included among this list is shooting guard Brandon Roy with Washington, and Tyrus Thomas with LSU.

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