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2006 NCAA Bracket

The 2006 NCAA bracket included some our favorite teams. The surprise of the year was when the University of Florida claimed their first NCAA division I basketball tournament. They won 73-57 over the University of California Los Angeles. The 2006 NCAA bracket started on March 14 and the last game was played on April 13.

There were 65 teams included in the 2006 NCAA bracket. The teams gained their spots in the 2006 NCAA bracket by one of two methods. Either they earned their spot by winning their basketball conference, or they were offered the spots by the NCAA committee.

In order to match the players against other players of equal skill, the 2006 NCAA bracket is created by the same means that it is created each year. First, the NCAA ranks all 65 teams from 1 to 65. They also rank teams as they win or loose through the tournament. This method has been used since 2004.

As the 2006 NCAA bracket progressed we were left with the final four. The final four consisted of LSU who lost to UCLA 45 to 59 and George Mason which lost to Florida 58 to 73. Both games were very exciting with the LSU versus UCLA game a closer match up than the Florida and George Mason game. Still they were both very close.

If you are betting person you probably won or lost something on the 2006 NCAA bracket. It seems like popularity of the 2006 NCAA bracket was high again. You can see these brackets in many workplaces and campuses. It may not be the Olympics, but basketball is probably one of the most American games around. The 2006 NCAA bracket is becoming a very common sight during the spring months and will only continue to grow in popularity and notarity.

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