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2006 NFL Mock Draft

Each year, new players join various professional football teams across the nation. Before players are announced, many sportscasters and sports experts predict likely candidates to be drafted.

These predictions are commonly referred to as the 2006 NFL Mock Draft. Everyone has an idea or personal opinion on top drafts picks. For the most part, draft picks are within the same ball park. Sports experts observe various games and football players from different colleges and universities. Recognized players who perform well on the field have a realistic chance of being drafted into the National Football League.

Several players are considered in the 2006 NFL Mock Draft. However, only a select number of players will be included on all lists. One player who has been included on every mock draft lists, and who is practically the number one pick is Mario Williams. Williams, who played for North Carolina State, is a likely pick for the Jets and Houston Texans. At 6’7 and 284 lbs, Williams has the skill and speed to play defense for any pro football team. Another top pick among the 2006 NFL Mock Draft is Reggie Bush. As a running back for USC, Bush is a Heisman Trophy Winner. Likewise, many sports experts consider Bush a likely player for the New York Jets and the Houston Texans.

After performing well in the 2006 Rose Bowl, Vince Young has been included among players to be drafted into the NFL. As a quarterback for Texan, Young possesses a unique talent which will likely contribute to a long career in the NFL. Additional players included in the 2006 NFL Mock Draft consist of D’Brickashaw Ferguson of Virginia, AJ Hawk of Ohio State, Vernon Davis of Maryland, and Michael Huff of Texas. According to NFL predictions, Ferguson will likely be drafted by the Saints. The Green Bay Packers are eyeing Hawks, while the 49ers are likely to draft Davis.

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