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2006 Oscars

So, were you surprised by the 2006 Oscars. I have to say that I was a little surprised. To me, it seemed as if the movie that received the most hype and had many of the characteristics of an Oscar winning film did not take the cake. Instead, it seems that 2006 Oscars were given to a spread of films rather than one movie sweeping up the majority. To me this was essentially a sign that there were a number of exceptional films in 2006. However, they were not commercial films such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Lord of the Rings.

The movie I anticipated to win the most awards at the 2006 Oscars was Brokeback Mountain. However, this film only took home the best director and best screenplay adaptation and best music score awards. I was a little disappointed because I thought the acting in this movie was superb and the story was a great slice of life. I could only compare the movie to the tragedies that Shakespeare wrote like Romeo and Juliet. I believed the story, the words, the feelings, and the scenery. I believed jack and Ennis.

Another movie I thought was great was King Kong. However, it wasn’t a best picture movie to me. I did agree with the many artistic awards presented to the movie at the 2006 Oscars such as visual effects and sound editing. I thought the visual effects were great. Above all, I thought that watching the movie was like watching a work of art or a painting. I was hoping the whole way through that the ending would change. However, it didn’t and the film was great for it. Well worthy of the 2006 Oscars it was presented.

As far as the best actress award, this is one thing that the 2006 Oscars and I agreed on. I believed that Reece Witherspoon was not only a very talented actress, but she was very worthy of the Oscar. In fact, I have never seen an actress as humble as she was. Well, maybe I have, but she is up there with them.

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