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2006 Winter Olympics

The 2006 Winter Olympics, held in Turin, Italy, marked the second time that the Olympics have been hosted in Italy. Competitors from all across the globe gathered to compete for titles in various winter sports. The 2006 Winter Olympics were held from February 10 – 26 in the largest city to every host the venue. Although the English pronounce the city Turin, all logos bearing the name of the Italian city read Torino, which is the Italian name for the city.

During the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, hundreds of athletes competed in timeless winter sports. However, there were also some new additions. Traditional winter sports which have always held audience attention include figure skating, bobsledding, skiing, and so forth. New additions to the Winter Olympics included team sprint cross country skiing, team speed skating, and biathlon.

Throughout the 2006 Winter Olympics, the American teams preformed well. In total, the U.S. teams walked away with 25 medals. This consisted of nine gold medals, nine silver medals, and seven bronze medals. Although impression, the number of Olympic medals was slightly lower than previous Olympic games.

The ceremony for the 2006 games opened with Stefania Belmondo lighting the Olympic flame. Highlights from the U.S. teams at Torino consist of American figure skater Michelle Kwan withdrawing from the competition due to an injury. She is replaced by Emily Hughes. On day two of the competition, American Shaun White wins the gold medal in men's snowboarding event. This was followed by Joey Cheek winning the gold medal in the 500m long track event.

Additional highlights from the 2006 Winter Olympics included athletes such as Shani Davis becoming the first Olympian of African lineage to win a gold medal. Furthermore, American Sarah Konrad became the first female athlete to participate in multiple sports at the Winter Olympics.

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