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With 2006 almost halfway finished, it’s time to start thinking about 2007.  If you’re a very busy person like most of us are, you want to be able to plan your year ahead. 

The 2007 calendar is available online so you can see what days of the week certain events fall on, as well as look up holidays and birthdays for the upcoming year.  Some bookstores are also already selling the 2007 calendar.  Still others are having customers request a copy of their 2007 calendar, and as soon as it goes to press, they will be notified.  Some companies like to give away calendars as promotional items, and are taking requests from customers for their free 2007 calendars right now.  There are a few important dates on the 2007 calendar that people should be aware of.  For example, New Year’s Day 2007 will fall on a Monday. 

While dates, days of the week, and things of that nature are important, something else very important will be happening during the 2007 calendar year.  Congress recently passed a bill that will change the time and date of daylight savings time.  Because of the need to conserve energy, the new time changes will take place during different months.  Daylight savings time will occur on the second Sunday in March, and will end on the first Sunday in November.  Having access to the 2007 calendar is an important and helpful tool to help you plan your next upcoming year.  Whether you buy a paper copy, or just peruse the dates for 2007 online, it’s good to know what will be happening next year and when.  You can also print your calendar yourself and keep it handy so you can write in new events that are coming up.  This way when you buy an “official” 2007 calendar, you can simply convert that information directly over and be more than enough prepared.

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