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2007 Hairstyles

Hairstyles seem to change all the time, especially in today’s ultra fashion conscious world.  The way we wear our hair has really changed since the beehives of the 1950s and 60s. 

Today there are literally hundreds of different ways that hair can be cut and worn.  Just like every other year, we look to the celebrities and fashionistas to follow the latest hair and clothing trends.  When the “Friends” hairstyle was huge, we sought after Jennifer Anniston’s locks to the point where every woman had almost the exact same haircut!  Luckily in recent years, hairstylists have opted to give their clients an individual, custom look so you aren’t looking into a mirror when you venture out.  Some ideas for 2007 hairstyles can be found online, and many fashion columnists can already predict what the new look will probably be.  Of course, if it’s anything like 2006, neat yet unpredictable will be part of the game.

For men, some popular 2007 hairstyles will be messy yet well groomed.  The hair will be artfully cut and styled, but not sloppy so that it looks trashy.  For women, only time will tell.  It usually hinges on what the celebrities come up with, and what editors and critics think is the best looking style.  And of course don’t forget that hairstyles don’t just come and go year to year, they change more often than the seasons.  Extensions have been big in the past few years, but it’s been said that thankfully they should be considered out again in 2007.  The look will be more natural, with less dye jobs and more natural creativity in the cutting and styling department.  Gone are the days of funky, wild coloring and long, fake extensions.  2007 hairstyles will be a new breed of hair, and it should be exciting to see what trends will be set.

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