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2007 Honda Civic

Honda Civics have a well-earned, thirty-year reputation for reliability and practicality. The 2007 Honda Civics continue that tradition, but with a little added kick. Civics are available in a range of models, from the base Civic coupe or sedan, to the Civic Hybrid, to the Civic Si and the Civic R.

2007 Honda Civic, base model
Very little has changed with the 2007 Honda Civic base edition. Available in both coupe and sedan, prices begin at $14,360 for the coupe and $20,500 for the sedan.

2007 Honda Civic Hybrid
Enthusiasm for the Civic Hybrid has been lukewarm so far. This could change in 2007 due to rising gas prices. The Hybrid gets 51 mpg in the city and 49 mpg on the highway. Starting prices run around $23, 900.

2007 Honda Civic Si
The big news for Honda this year is the Civic Si. Available as a coupe last year, this year it’s out as a concept sedan. This car won both the North American Auto Show and Motor Trend “Car of the Year” awards. It is a high performance car—at least in Honda Civic terms—with a two liter, 197 horsepower, dual overhead cam, sixteen valve, four-cylinder engine. The four-door sedan is perfect for hauling the kids to soccer practice, while giving better performance than the base Civic. Like other Hondas, she is a solid, dependable car that will last a long time, but she is fun to drive, too. The 2007 Honda Civic Si gets 22 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway. Base prices start at about $20,000, and the only market options are a GPS navigational system and high performance summer tires. The 2007 Honda Civic is a “tuner” car and plenty of aftermarket options will be available.

2007 Honda Civic R
The Honda Civic R is not available in the US, but is distributed in Europe. A new hatchback version is being introduced this year, and it is a beauty. The Civic R is a Honda on steroids, with higher performance and a sleeker look. She’s more fun to drive than the Si, but maybe not the car to take the kids to soccer practice.

With two new concept cars, two major awards and a competitive hybrid, 2007 should be a good year for Honda. Hondas continue to be reliable, practical, affordable cars. Some of this year’s models have a bit of a wild streak, though, which makes them more attractive than ever.

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