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MP3 players are revolutionizing the music industry. They compress the data so well that hours of music can be carried in a tiny storage device, making it easy to carry your favorite tunes with you wherever you go.

In addition, PodCasts make other types of information and entertainment available to MP3 listeners. Right now, Apple rules the MP3 world, but several contenders, including Samsung and Sony, are making inroads. The industry evolving rapidly, and competition between the big players will make it move even faster. The 2007 MP3 should be less expensive, have more capabilities and be more integrated into other products.

MP3 players are reasonably priced now, but the 2007 MP3 should cost even less as more players compete for our dollars. I expect to see some very low-end products that have music and power for an hour or less. Some may even be pre-programmed with a product, say music and encouragement for an exercise session.

The 2007 MP3 will be more available with video capability. There are several video formats available now for MP3’s, and the technology will improve rapidly. That means you will be able to play games, watch movies and watch TV on your 2007 MP3 player.

MP3 players are being integrated into computers and CD/DVD players, which makes music portable. You can load music onto your computer and reformat it as MP3 and transfer it to your iPod or burn it on a DVD and take it to a friend’s house. Some DVD players have MP3 players built into them. We can expect to see the 2007 MP3 in cell phones and PDA’s. MP3 players may be built into appliances, so that you push a button and the appliance gives you instructions. We’ll see MP3 players in toys and games and birthday cards. (Remember those cards with the little chip that plays, “Happy Birthday,” when you open it up? Imagine a card that delivers your personal message when Mom opens it.) The 2007 MP3 will be ubiquitous, as much a part of our lives as televisions and phones. We’ll wonder what we ever did without it.

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