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2007 NBA Mock Draft

The NBA draft is an annual event where the National Basketball Association chooses new players who wish to join one of the association’s thirty teams. It is a huge and important event in the world of basketball. The draft is divided into two rounds, and each round is extremely important to all teams.

There are very strict rules as to how the draft should be conducted, and every year there is also what’s known as a mock draft. The 2007 NBA Mock Draft picks have gone underway. A mock draft is where every day people choose the players of their choice and assign them to different teams. It is often used in betting pools and other similar venues to help people choose which teams will make it to and win the playoffs. Most of the 2007 NBA Mock Draft has been conducted online via message boards or other sports related websites.

In order to be eligible for the NBA draft, some rules must be followed. In 2006, some of the rules changed, but they also apply for the 2007 draft. First, all players up for selection must be at least 19 years old. They must also be at least one year removed from their graduating high school class. If a player is selected within the first round of the draft, they must sign a contract with a team for a minimum of one year. If a player is selected in the second round of the draft, they are “owned” by their team for at least three years. Although this rule has been laid down by the NBA, it is very rarely enforced, and most players do not end up signing a three year contract. Many players who are chosen in the draft turn out to be legendary, so by taking place in the 2007 NBA Mock Draft, basketball fans get a chance to put their faith in players that they see will become a potential all star for their favorite teams.

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