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2007 NFL Mock Draft

There are a few players that you may not expect to see up on the draft board for the up and coming 2007 NFL mock draft.  The mock draft shows the players and teams according to the Vegas odds of them making NFL teams and heading to the Super Bowl.  So far, for the 2007 mock draft, it’s going to be an interesting choice. 

The number one pick is showing the San Francisco 49ers will choose Oklahoma quarterback Adrian Peterson.  This is perhaps the most popular pick for the 2007 NFL mock draft so far. The 2007 NFL mock draft is already listed on several websites, and ESPN hosts their annual picks as well.  The mock draft is typically used for betting purposes, to see who the NFL will actually choose, and for which teams and positions.  Also, many team managers pay special attention to the results of the mock draft to help them determine which players they will choose.

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