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2007 Oscars

Will Tom Hanks be getting another Academy Award at the 2007 Oscars for his role in the controversial “DaVinci Code”? It’s sure to be a hotly debated subject, especially when considering the verbal froth that has surrounded the release of the film.

Although critics have repeatedly pounded the film, its commercial success has been overwhelming. And let’s face it – the kudos don’t always go to the most artistic films out there. Though Hollywood likes to think itself an intellectual paradise, it’s a business first and foremost. (If you want starving artistry, go to Cannes, not L.A.)

But the 2007 Oscars could be different for Tom Hanks, especially given the movie’s panning. After all, audiences are flocking into the theatres, but maybe they just want to escape the spring heat wave that’s settled over some of the country. Or maybe they just want to see what all the fuss is about. Or maybe they just have $20 burning a hole in their pockets. Whatever the reason, it’s not changing the lackluster critical response.

Besides, it’s still really early in 2006, which means that by the 2007 Oscars, DaVinci’s code will be broken wide open, shattered into a million pieces, and thrown into the trash heap. Copies of the book will be sold on eBay for pennies or used to prop up leaning chairs or tables. And Mr. Hanks will be onto his next project (which he’s probably already doing).

So who will take home the 2007 Oscars on that night when the stars shine and the red carpet is rolled out for anyone in a Vera Wang gown who even remotely looks like a celebrity? Only time will tell, but it’s looking unlikely that Tom will be thanking DaVinci, the Knights Templar, and even the Mona Lisa for their contributions during a teary-eyed acceptance speech.

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