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2007 Prom Dress

With the 2006 prom season over, it’s time to look ahead toward the 2007 prom dresses.  While 2006 was full of beautiful romantic colors like peach, light blue, and champagne, as well as floral patterns, 2007 holds a more bold frontier with deeper colors like forest green and midnight blue.

The length for the 2007 prom dresses can range anywhere from above the knee to the floor, depending on the style of the dress.  While most dresses will still be form fitting, some newer styles are set to show a more forgiving fit, with empire waists and looser fits.  In addition, a lot of the 2007 prom dresses will be two pieces, with a top and a skirt instead of just a one piece dress.  Flowing, rounded skirts and form fitting tops are the styles to look out for.

Just like in the past, you can find your 2007 prom dresses online in hundreds of different catalogs, or just head out to your local department store or boutique.  It’s important to be able to try on your prom dress before you buy it, because each cut will more than likely fit you differently.  The line of 2007 prom dresses will be beautiful and stunning, just like the other seasons.  Vintage is always in style as well, so don’t be afraid to find something way cool from a thrift or vintage store, as long as it is in great shape.  You can even get someone to alter it and change the way it looks, all the while still having a unique style that no one else at prom will have!  Get a jump on the hottest 2007 prom dresses by checking magazines and catalogs for the best styles, and you’ll be absolutely beautiful and in style on prom night 2007!

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