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2007 Winter Olympics

While the next winter Olympics will not take place until 2010, the 2007 winter Olympics planning schedule is quite busy.  The Olympics will take place in Vancouver, Canada, so many Canadians are already getting prepped and ready for this huge worldwide event.

Once the closing ceremonies took place in Turin, Italy, the official Olympic flag was passed on to the Vancouver Olympics Delegation.  All throughout the rest of the year in 2006, the new Olympic village will be constructed.  During the year 2007, a lot of construction on the winter Olympics event areas will be worked on.  For example, the Hillcrest-Nat Bailey Curling center will begin to be constructed.  The speed skating center should be completed sometimes in 2007.  By summer of 2007, the Bobsleigh, Luge, and Skeleton tracks should be finished.

While the winter Olympics are not to begin again till 2010, the next few years will be extremely busy for the city of Vancouver.  Additional activity in 2007 will include the construction upgrades for the General Motors Center which lies in downtown Vancouver.  The Whistler Nordic Center will be worked on, and figure skating, short track speed skating, and other sports event areas in Hastings Park will be built.  By the fall of 2007, the UBC Winter Sports Centre and the Creekside Alpine Skiing facilities will have been completed.  Although most of the event and lodging construction will be completed sometime during 2008, tickets will not go on sale for the winter Olympics until sometime in 2009.  During the next few years, a lot of hard work will be done to make sure that the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are a special event.  2007 is a pivotal year, since most of the work is being done during that time to ensure all athletes and visitors have an experience that they will never forget.

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