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2008 Calendar

While it may seem silly to get your 2008 calendar now, there are a number of benefits to doing so. First, if you begin looking for a 2008 calendar now, there is no rush. Instead of needing to get the first calendar you see because you need to use it, you will be able to spend more time shopping. Whether you are looking for a cute wall calendar, a small calendar for your car, or a calendar with planning features built in, checking them out now will help you get the one that suits your needs.

Second, getting your 2008 calendar early will allow you more time for planning what is going on in 2008 in your life. Take a little while to copy all of the birthdays, anniversaries, and other important recurring events into your new calendar. If you don’t already include those dates, then now is the time to begin. Write down everything you know and start making calls to get the information that’s missing from your list. Once 2008 hits, you will be ready with all of the dates you need and won’t have to scramble to get Grandma’s birthday card again next year.

Another benefit to getting your 2008 calendar early is that you will be able to work out the dates for vacations, conferences, and other major events with the calendar in front of you. Often, we mention that “early April” sounds good for that departmental getaway, but we really do not put the information down in the calendar until much later. Having the calendar on hand will help you not to over-schedule yourself for 2008. Anyone in an industry that relies on deadlines also should have the calendar handy to plan out when projects can be completed and to avoid the problem of bunching too many items in one time frame.

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