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2008 Camaro

Like many other car models, the 2008 Camaro will bring big changes to the design the car has seen in recent years. The Camaro has an interesting history among Chevrolet models. Introduced in the 1960s, it was the muscle car everyone wanted to have. Slowly it became sleeker and sportier, but now Chevy is trying with the 2008 Camaro to introduce a concept car that will combine many of the those elements.

The 1969 version is the inspiration behind the 2008 Camaro design. The car will be designed to have more muscle that its previous few incarnations. Taking someone off the line with a new Camaro will be even better as Chevy has put elements of a performance engine into the new Camaro.

The exterior of the 2008 Camaro is based on the 1969 model as well, but it has been changed a bit to meet the times. The rear overhang of the car has been extended, for example. This look gives the car a longer appearance and combines with the shorter front overhang and the more narrow design to create what Chevy considers an “athletic” look for the car.

The 2008 Camaro also has design elements that make it more athletically inclined. For instance, the hood bulge, which many people view as simply an aesthetic touch, is one way that the new Camaro will have more power. This design, created from a concept car that proved popular, will permit the Camaro to become the cool new car to have in 2008. The car at its heart is still a guy’s car as it appeals to the desire for power and performance in one car that many men have. Still women will love the sleek look and can enjoy getting behind the wheel in this beautiful new car as well.

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