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2008 Ford Mustang

In the automobile world, there is a lot of fuss and excitement about the release of the new 2008 Ford Mustang.  Many people are speculating that the Mustang Boss model will be released in 2008.  In addition, rumor has it that the 2009 model Mustang will be completely remodeled, so the re-release of the Boss in 2008 is just a precursor to that happening.  Ford has not yet released any information on the finalized version of the 2008 Ford Mustang or what it will look like.  Additionally, no word on the features, look or other details has come out in the open just yet.  For Mustang fans, this can be especially frustrating yet very exciting at the same time.  The momentum is building up as Ford gets ready to unveil its 2008 Ford Mustang model.  No one knows for sure if the Boss model will even be released, and if it does, it may be later on down the line. 

Supposedly, the 2008 Ford Mustang will have an engine capability of 390 horsepower!  This means it will be extremely powerful and fast, making it an instant hit and really fun to drive.  The new Mustang might have a 5.0 liter engine with no supercharger, but no one is 100% sure just yet if this is the case or not.  Many rumors have surfaced that the suspension on the 2008 Ford Mustang will be very similar to the GT model.  There are also conflicting rumors about what kind of engine will be used in the final production.  All of these differing opinions and rumors have only increased buyers’ curiosity about the 2008 Ford Mustang and what it will look like, as well as how it will perform.  This gives Ford the edge when it comes to the competitive marketplace of automobile production.

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