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2008 Hairstyles

To be able to predict what 2008 hairstyles may look like, we only have to take a look around at what is popular now. Shorter styles that are razor cut or layered have been the norm for quite a while for women. Men have been wearing their hair longer with that shaggy or just crawled out of the bed look. 2008 hairstyles will probably be much different than what we have seen lately for both men and women.

2008 hairstyles will probably be marked with women growing their hair longer and with a return to “big hair” hairstyles. This does not mean that the styles of 2008 will be like the 80’s when hairstyles were known for their massive height. Rather, 2008 hairstyles will probably be marked by volume and fullness instead of the sleek look of today. Curls will return, too. Instead of tight perms, 2008 hairstyles may be marked with looser, natural flowing curls. Hair coloring will be more subtle and soft as women try to add dimension to their hair, instead of the stark color contrasts that are popular today.

2008 hairstyles for men will also be marked with softer, more subtle color. Men hairstyles will probably go from the bold, blond highlights of today to same color highlights in deeper and richer shades. Men’s hairstyles will also start to shorten. 2008 hairstyle predictions for men include cuts that once again are above the collar. These new styles will probably feature hairstyles that are softer in texture that no longer hide the ears.

It is interesting to note that men and women hairstyles generally are opposite of each other. When women begin to grow their hair longer, men will shorten their hair. When women’s hairstyles are short, men’s hairstyles tend to be longer. With this in mind, 2008 hairstyles will see a resurgence of longer styles in women and shorter styles in men. Both sexes will tone down their hair color and highlights and opt for softer, richer hair colors.

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