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2008 Olympics

In an effort to improve relations with the rest of the world, officials in China put Beijing’s name in the proverbial hat for a chance to host the 2008 Olympics, and the city of 13 million people won. For people preparing to attend the 2008 Olympics, Beijing will offer a city ready to take on the world’s visitors. Many youth hostels, for example, have cut the prices they charge for reservations currently made for the Olympics.

In addition, city officials have built a number of new structures intended for unveiling for the 2008 Olympics. Many of these structures, such as the National Stadium, will serve Beijing for decades to come. The National Stadium, which will be in the center of the newly designed Olympic Green, will hold 91,000 people and will be the site for football (soccer) matches during the 2008 Olympics.

While the National Stadium will host national contests after the Olympics, other structures, such as the China Agricultural University Gymnasium, will be used for smaller events, such as badminton and table tennis tournaments. During the 2008 Olympics, however, the 6,000-seat gym will be home to the wrestling competition.

In addition to these new structures, Chinese officials have made renovations and upgrades to other facilities and have prepared many existing structures for competition. The Workers’ Indoor Arena, for instance, will be home to boxing matches while spectators can see weightlifting at the Beihang University Gymnasium. Temporary structures will go up as well for less-populated competitions, including fencing and archery. These structures will be removed after the Olympics have ended. These efforts show that the leaders and people of Beijing are getting ready to show their city off to the world, and after the Olympics have come and gone, they will have amazing facilities left for the people to enjoy.

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