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2008 Presidential Election

Media personalities make much of the lack of voter participation every election cycle. Even in elections such as the 2006 midterms in which the people who did vote spoke loudly against the current administration, many commentators still focus on the number of people who do not vote. The 2008 Presidential election, while still far away, will provide plenty of reasons for voters to head to the polls to make their voices heard.

For starters, voters definitely will be selecting a new president. In the United States, incumbents win in upwards of 90 percent of all elections. Bush will not be able to seek office again, however, which means that voters will be choosing a new person to work in the Oval Office. A new president brings a wave of change from the way the press is treated to the people serving in Cabinet positions. Second, voters will have the opportunity to speak their minds on the Iraq War. One of the major issues of the day, hopeful candidates are making appeals already to voters that the 2008 Presidential election will be the time to make politicians aware of the citizenry’s collective feeling on the war.

The 2008 Presidential election also will be the time to speak out about environmental issues. President Bush mentioned improving research for non-oil forms of energy and offering subsidies during the last State of the Union address. Global warming has been a major topic of discussion over the past year, as have other environmental issues. California legislators are considering a ban on traditional light bulbs in favor of a more energy-efficient variety, and this discussion could move to a national stage soon. These issues are important to today’s politicians, and all of them are clamoring to make their opinions heard. These issues promise to be big ones during the 2008 Presidential election, and the controversy is sure to continue until then.

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