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Earth Day 2005

Earth Day is a special day used to celebrate the beauty of our fragile earth, and to spread the word to others about how to help keep our environment clean and healthy.

The first official Earth Day was proclaimed in San Francisco in 1971. A man name John McConnell had proposed the idea and it spread like wildfire. In addition, in 1970 another group had developed an Earth Day as well, and it became a tradition that still stands today. Like in days of old, Earth Day 2005 was also celebrated on April 22nd. There was a worldwide photo contest for Earth Day 2005, with three separate winners. The winner came from South Africa, Ecuador, and the Ukraine, proving that Earth Day has become much more than just an American holiday. Its message has spread throughout the entire world.

Earth Day 2005 was special because it marked the 35th anniversary of the day. The message of spreading peace, environmental awareness, and the preservation of our world's resources has reached people around the globe. The idea of Earth Day is to remind people that everything we do has an impact on our world, and there are things that can be done to make a difference and save our water, forests, and animals. Not only does Earth Day promote the salvation of our environment, but it has reached a social level of importance as well. Some of the issues raised during Earth Day 2005 were children who need medication, and pollution and the need for clean drinking water within major cities. Those deeply committed and deeply involved in these causes were out full force in 2005, proposing changes in policy to large companies, and marching, meeting, and speaking at many different locations. Earth Day is an important part of this nation's history, and should be remembered every year as a way to improve the earth we all share.

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