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Easter 2006

Easter 2006 was celebrated on April 16. On this day, millions of Christians across the globe gather for services remembering the death of Jesus Christ. Religions around the world honor the death of Jesus differently. Some religious groups honor Jesus on the exact day of his death, which occurred on Nisan 14. In 2006, this date took place on April 12, 2006. On the other hand, other religious groups commemorate the death of Christ on the day he was resurrected.

Easter 2006 is the most important day in the Christian religion. In fact, this day is considered more important than Christmas. Even though Easter is purposed to remember the death of the Christ, many non-religious traditions have crept into the timeless holiday. For this matter, during Easter 2006, activities such as egg hunting, Easter Bunny, and the giving of greeting cards has become a major part of the religious holiday. In an attempt to uphold the meaning behind Easter, many religious groups discourage extra activities. In some instances, many of the popular traditions have pagan roots.

Nonetheless, the majority of religions dedicate Easter 2006 as a day of remembrance. Thus, many people begin their day with early morning services, to be followed with Sunday Mass. After morning services are completed, family and friends generally come together and associate over a meal or Sunday feast. Outdoor picnics provide the perfect arena for young children to participate in Easter egg hunts and other scavenger games. Moreover, children generally participate in activities such as dying hard-boiled eggs.

In other parts of the globe, Easter 2006 celebrations are slightly different. While the majority of celebrations spend a greater portion of the morning in Sunday services, the afternoon is usually occupied with traditions common to the region. This range from public whipping is the Czech Republic to water fights in Poland.

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