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Easter 2007

Easter is an important holiday, especially for those who are Christians.  It is the day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  Easter always falls on a Sunday, and for Easter 2007, it will take place on Sunday, April the 8th. 

It is a time to celebrate, spend time with family, and worship.  Easter always takes place in the spring, but sometimes it can take place in March instead of April.  In most cases, however, Easter does fall in April like it will in 2007.  Not only is Easter a nice springtime holiday, it is also the beginning of a new season, and many consider it to be the official beginning of spring.  Because of this fact, of course the entertainment sector looks at Easter as a starting point for many movies and television events.  For example, Quentin Tarantino will be releasing a huge horror film the weekend of Easter 2007.

Many churches typically plan very large events for the Easter holiday.  Some have already posted their events for Easter 2007 so people can plan ahead accordingly on their websites or on church bulletins and calendars.  Still others have marked this date on their calendars so they can make special plans to visit loved ones, and perhaps take a vacation.  Easter 2007 is sure to be a wonderful holiday like others before it, and knowing when it falls can help you make your Easter plans in advance so you can enjoy spending time with those you love, and attending a special worship service.  Also, Easter lunch or dinner is usually planned.  There are often sunrise services, Easter egg hunts, choral performances, and other wonderful activities planned on this special holiday.  April 8th is the date for the upcoming year to make plans for Easter 2007. 

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