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Eurovision 2006

Eurovision 2006 was the most dramatic year for the Eurovision contest since it began in 1955. This is true not only because the winner was from the hard rock genre, but also because there were higher scores and more participants than ever before.

As I stated above, the winners of the 2006 Eurovision belonged to a Finnish rock group called Lordi. Not only are they a rock group, but a pretty hard core rock group. However, judges were able to see past the scary costumes and makeup and recognize a brilliant song. Still, Lordi has made a remarkable impact on the 2006 Eurovision and all future contests becoming the first group in their genre to win a contest like this.

The 2006 Eurovision contest was held in Athens, Greece since the winner of last year’s Eurovision was Helena Paparizou’s song “My Number One”. The 2006 Eurovision contest was hosted by Greek celebrities Maria Menounos and Sakis Rouvas. Maria is an American actress who’s ancestry is Greek while Sakis is a Greek that rose to stardom after his famous song, “Shake it”.

The 2006 Eurovision contest also allowed viewers to vote for their favorite Eurovision songs. However, voters were not allowed to vote for the country that they were calling from. Other security measures were also put into place to ensure that voters only voted once and that all voters acted fairly.

The 2006 Eurovision contest included 37 different countries and more than 200 different artists. These stars took part in 80 rehearsals and 76 different press conferences. Clearly the 2006 Eurovision contest is one that took a lot of dedication and desire to win. Many of the contestants have gained enough benefits from just entering the contest without even winning. Although many of the artists probably would not have complained about wining.

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