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Eurovision 2007

It’s official. Eurovision 2007 will be in Helsinki, Finland. They’re not sure yet exactly where in Helsinki, but Helsinki is the only city in Finland big enough to host the event. Eurovision 2007 will probably be on May 10 and 12.

Eurovision is a humungous song contest, much like American Idol. Except Eurovision has been going on for over fifty years. Any country that is a member of the European Broadcasting Union can participate, and the event is broadcast all over Europe, with a potential viewing audience of over a billion. Something like 6.4 million people from 38 nations cast votes in this year’s Eurovision.

Here’s how it works. Each participating country has a national competition to choose a song and singer to represent them at Eurovision. Eurovision is broadcast on two nights: the semi-finals and the finals. On the first night, each entry sings their song. At the end, the audience has ten minutes to vote for their favorites. Ten semi-finalists are chosen, and they perform the same song at the finals. Again, Europe has ten minutes to vote.

People love these galas. NBC is talking to the European Broadcasting Union about running an American version of Eurovision next year, with participants from each state. Plus, of course, we have American Idol, which is patterned after Eurovision.

Europe is already gearing up for Eurovision 2007. The website is up and ready to go and the blogs have started. People are blogging about how the voting is unfair because their choice didn’t win, and what should be changed for next year, and who do you think will perform at Eurovision 2007? 

This year’s American Idol is Taylor Hicks, and this year’s Eurovision winner is Finland’s Lordi. Next year we’ll have a new American Idol, a Eurovision 2007 winner…and maybe an Amerivision 2007 winner, too.

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