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Memorial Day 2005

Memorial Day is not just for picnics and cookouts. It is a special day where the people of the United States recognize and honor those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom as they served in the military. Originally, the holiday was known as Decoration Day.

Typically on this day, people visit veterans' cemeteries, hold special ceremonies, and conduct services to honor the fallen. For Memorial Day 2005, President George Bush also declared it a day to pray for permanent peace. He urged officials both nationwide and state wide to promote a moment of silent prayer for peace. He asked that the prayers be conducted at 11:00 am on the day, and to observe a National Moment of Remembrance beginning at 3:00 PM. Memorial Day 2005 marks the 34th anniversary of the official holiday. Richard Nixon declared it a federal holiday in 1971.

While in many years past, the day was known to commemorate those who had died in wars such as World Wars I and II, Vietnam, and others, Memorial Day 2005 was significant in that many people were honoring those who passed while fighting the war in Iraq. While many Americans consider Memorial Day to be the first official week of summer, those who have suffered lost loved ones may have a difficult time during the sacred day. Many soldiers have past in the last few years because of the war in Iraq, so Memorial Day 2005 was especially hard for parents and other family members who had lost those they love. President Bush honored Memorial Day 2005 when he appeared at Arlington National Cemetery, where he held a commencement speech and services were held. The event was televised nationally. We must not forget those who gave their lives so that we as Americans are able to be free. Memorial Day is an important day which will serve as an important reminder for many years to come.

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