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Miss Universe 2005

The original Miss Universe competition began as a bathing beauty type of contest in Long Beach, California. A company called Catalina Swimwear originally sponsored the contest 50 years ago.

Since then, women from all over the world have been vying for the title of Miss Universe. A part of the requirements for Miss Universe is that the contestants are goal oriented, aware of the world around them, and intelligent. The Miss Universe 2005 competition was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The contest took place on May 30th, with 23-year-old Natalie Glebova of Toronto, Canada crowned as the winner this year. It was a landmark moment for Natalie. Eleven years ago, her family moved to Canada from Russia with very little but one container filled with all of their belongings.

The Miss Universe 2005 event was not unlike the events of its previous years; the winner must show dedication to some kind of important cause, as well as some important achievements. The winner this year showed her endless dedication for those suffering from the HIV and AIDS viruses. She has been a public speaker and an avid fundraiser looking to raise research money for this important cause. Miss Universe 2005 will spend the remainder of the year traveling all over the world meeting and speaking with those involved in the efforts to raise AIDS awareness. Before being crowned Miss Universe 2005, Natalie was a motivational speaker who had received her degree in communications and public relations, making her an excellent candidate for the coveted title.

Miss Universe 2005 received a large number of wonderful prizes, including a custom tiara made of real diamonds and pearls, valued at $250,000. In addition, she received a yearlong salary; many wardrobe and hair care prizes, as well as scholarships and a modeling portfolio. Miss Universe 2005 will surely be a real role model for women all over the world, and her contributions will certainly be noticed and appreciated throughout the world.

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