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Mother's Day 2005

In 1908, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia wanted to commemorate her mother after she had passed away. This was considered the very first Mother's Day, since she was an important figure in spearheading the cause to make it a national holiday.

Finally in 1914, Congress passed legislation declaring the second Sunday in May officially Mother's Day and was signed by Woodrow Wilson. Mother's Day 2005 showed that our moms are still important people in our lives, and that we should honor them with love and affection. The holiday took place on May 8th in 2005, and President George Bush signed a letter stating that he encouraged all American citizens to partake in this special day. Just like the years before it, Mother's Day 2005 was one of the busiest days for the restaurant business. Many people want to take mom out for a nice lunch or dinner to show they care. This makes Mother's Day one of the most profitable days of the year for restaurants.

A wonderful way to show mom you care is to buy her a sentimental gift. Most mothers love to have pictures, frames, and other mementos of their children and families. For Mother's Day 2005, photo bracelets were a popular choice. These bracelets consist of small picture frames that are strung together on a chain to make a beautiful bracelet. Of course, flowers are always an excellent choice. Florists are also swamped on Mother's Day, as well as card and gift stores. If you're having a hard time deciding on what to get mom, an electronic gift certificate can make a great choice. Mother's Day 2005 shows us that technology is playing an important role in our lives. With electronic gift certificates, mom can browse the web and pick out something she liked without even having to leave the house! No matter what you choose, whether it is a nice dinner, flowers, photographs or more, as long as mom knows she is loved, Mother's Day has served its purpose.

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