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Passover 2007

Passover is an eight day long Jewish celebration that takes place on the night of the fifteenth day of the month of Nissan which is on the Hebrew calendar.  On the morning before Passover, the fast of the firstborn takes place, and no one consumes any food. 

The most important part of all the Passover traditions is Seder, which is the Passover feast.  No leavened food is consumed, and only foods made from matzo are eaten in their place.  Matzo is flat bread that is made without yeast so that it remains rather dry and flat, very similar to a cracker.  The story of the Israelites leaving Egypt as told from the book of Exodus is told to everyone at the feast.  Passover 2007 will begin on the night of Monday, April 2, and will end on the eighth day which is Tuesday, April 10.  While Passover is celebrated for 8 days in America, in modern Israel it is only celebrated for 7. 

Some other items that are forbidden to eat during Passover include things like cake, whiskey, beer, cookies, or regular bread.  This prohibition is written in the Torah, and many devout Jews follow it very strictly during Passover.  All throughout Passover, there are a great deal of festivities including dancing, music, and spending time with family and friends.  In Israel, during the days of Passover hotels and cruise ships, as well as restaurants revamp their menus in order to stay within the proper Passover guidelines.  This attracts many families to the resort areas of Israel, where they can enjoy a kosher and sacred family vacation.  For 2007 Passover, the resorts continue to follow this tradition.  Passover remains an important part of the Jewish religion and customs, and is still held in very high regard as a cornerstone of the Jewish faith.

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