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Spring Break 2005

Every spring, thousands of high school and college students look forward to their spring break vacations. Young people from all over the United States travel to sandy beaches, resort cities, and deserted islands to party hard and to just relax. Spring Break 2005 has been no exception.

Places like Miami, Florida all the way to Cancun, Mexico become havens for these kids to hang out, drink, and have a good time. Often during this time, airlines and travel companies, as well as hotels and restaurants offer up special deals and packages for people looking to go somewhere for the spring break holiday. There are even travel agencies that specialize in spring break travel alone. Spring Break 2005 was a wild time for all involved, and most came home with long lasting memories.

Of course, there are some downsides to young people traveling alone, or in large groups. In recent years, the issue of crime, underage drinking, and premarital sex has become an important issue that concerns parents and police alike. Spring Break 2005 encouraged many news networks and programs to do expose pieces to show people what kind of activity goes on in these select cities and beaches. Making sure kids are safe should be a top priority, so pre-arranged spring break trips organized by the school with an adult or several adult chaperones is more than likely a much better option for those kids who are under 18. Of course, Spring Break 2005, like all other spring breaks, should be a fun time, and one that you'll always remember. As long as you stay safe, stick together, and are careful, it should be a time in your life that you'll never forget. Taking a lot of pictures and putting them into a photo album, as well as bringing home some mementoes is a wonderful way to look back on your awesome time.

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