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Superbowl 2008

Football fans in the Southwest will be excited when February 3, 2008 rolls around. The Arizona Cardinals’ new stadium will be the site of the next Super Bowl. The last Super Bowl to be played in Arizona was Super Bowl XXX, in which the Dallas Cowboys claimed victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 2007 Super Bowl saw the Colts win the Lombardi Trophy for the first time since moving to Indianapolis, but some teams still are waiting for a chance to claim the trophy after long droughts.

Cincinnati is one team that will hope for a berth in Superbowl 2008. Nineteen years will have passed since the Ickey Shuffle became the most visible sign of Cincinnati football success. This year, many Bengals fans thought the team would make it to the Super Bowl, but a painful string of injuries and arrests forced the fans to look toward Superbowl 2008 for the fulfillment of their dreams.

The New Orleans Saints, another team never to have won the Super Bowl, likely will be the sentimental favorites to win again next year. Since being ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has become the symbol of adversity and triumph, and many people believed the Saints could restore greatness to the city. The Saints lost the NFC Championship to the Chicago Bears this year, but their chances to gel and play in Superbowl 2008 look better than ever. Sean Payton, this year’s NFL Coach of the Year, and Quarterback Drew Brees should lead the team to an even more solid season.

Regardless of who plays, Superbowl 2008 promises to be a continuation of the festive atmosphere that has come to identify the Super Bowl. Arizona’s climate is warm and typically dry during February, which will increase the chances that Superbowl 2008 will be a boon for the tourism industry and the NFL.

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