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Torino 2007

Beautiful Torino, Italy was the site of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and went off with a stunning great success.  Torino 2007 will be the host of more games, called the Winter Universiade.  This is actually an Italian tradition that was founded in Torino by a man named Primo Nebiolo in 1959. 

The premise of the Universiade is to combine both sports and education to create a unique experience for all.  It is now a cultural sports event that takes place every two years in Torino.  It is one of the most important international sporting events aside from the Olympic Games.  The summer games consist of 13 core sports, while the winter events consist of 7 core sports.  While the Universiade can take place in other parts of the world, for the year 2007, Torino was chosen among a large list of comparable nominees. 

Now that Torino is at the forefront for the games in 2007, a great buzz of excitement is going on within the region.  Events such as curling, biathlon, ski jumping, ice hockey, figure skating, snowboarding, and alpine skiing will all take place in the winter games for the 2007 Torino Universiade.  There will also be live concerts and other fun activities.  Torino is a place rich in history that has been around for thousands of years.  Not only is it rich in culture, fashion, architecture, and food, but it is surrounded by the natural beauty of a multitude of gorgeous mountain ranges. The city is surrounded by beautiful natural mountains and small villages.  Within the city of Torino, there are museums, live entertainment, wonderful restaurants, and a host of other wonderful things to do, so make plans to be in Torino in 2007 for the Winter Universiade, and enjoy the rich culture you will experience while there.

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