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Tour de France 2005

In 1903, the Tour de France was first established, and is now known as the world's greatest and most important bicycle race.

For the last seven years, legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong has won the coveted title. Armstrong is best known for his perseverance and fight against cancer, prevailing and beating the disease. He has become an important role model for those suffering from all kinds of cancer, as well as a hero for those who compete in the cycling world. Tour de France 2005 was a historical moment because Lance Armstrong announced this was the last year he will be competing, and he plans to retire. As with every year before it, Tour de France 2005 was an exciting and invigorating event.

Tour de France 2005 was held from July 2 until July 24th. There were several different grueling stages in which competitors must complete, and it is truly an event for those in top shape, and at the top of their game. This year commemorated the very first time there was an official mountain climb since the competition's first year in existence. The leader and winner of Tour de France 2005 has the significance of wearing the coveted yellow jersey. Because the competition has seen so many years with the same winner, it has earned the nickname of Tour de Lance. However, Lance Armstrong said that he is ready to see a new face next year to take his place as the winner. Because of his immense popularity, he has become a real role model for young people who have decided to take up cycling as a sport. In addition, he has proven that strength, dedication, and courage are key in beating both competitors in sports, as well as in life. Tour de France 2005 will certainly go down in the history books as a significant year in this overwhelmingly popular race.

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